FirePro is a pre-engineered system that is certified to International and Australian Standards.

With no high pressure cylinders, no pipework, FirePro does not require expensive maintenance and is suitable for all types of risk.

▪ Certified to AS 4487 Aerosol Systems.
▪ Certified to AS 5062 Mobile Plant.
▪ Space and weight saving.
▪ Activated electrically or thermally.
▪ Does not contain pyrotechnics.

Reinventing Fire Suppression


Reinventing Fire Suppression

FirePro designs and manufactures industry leading,
environmentally friendly fire extinguishing systems.


Reinventing Fire Suppression

Our Fire Suppression Systems protect critical infrastructure
and equipment in numerous applications across all industries.


Reinventing Fire Suppression

Our Products have a minimal footprint on the environment. FirePro protects
lives and assets while caring for the environment and a sustainable future.

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