FirePro Training Courses

FirePro is a Pre-Engineered system that is certified to International and Australian Standards. With no high pressure and no pipework, FirePro does not require expensive maintenance proceedures and is suitable for all types of risk. As a safety product only suitably trained and CERTIFIED technicians in should be used for the installation and maintenance of the systems. These proceedures must be in strict accordance with the Installation and Maintenance Manual, and the applicable standards.

The FirePro training course includes:

Suitable for Sales people or Technicians who would be involved in installation or maintenance. The course will be tailored to the audience.

Course time is 8 hours. Dates are set to suite – please contact to set available dates.

All courses run in Sydney:
            Unit 2 – 110 Bonds Road
            Riverwood NSW 2210
● Techical description of the product and how it works to extinguish a fire. Including a live fire demonstration.
● Review of applicable standards including :
• AS 4487-2013 – Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems-Requirements for system design,installation and commissioning. Main standard for Land based risks.
• AS 5062-2016 – Fire Protection for Mobile and Transportable equipment.
• NSCV-2018 – National Standard for Commercial Vessels issued by Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
● System Design calculations, review of design considerations including RF interference, methods of activation and selection and configuration of control equipment.
● System Commissioning. activation, and Maintenance requirements.
● Comparison ot other fire protection systems, Applications and the regulative environments.
● Practical exploration of the Panels and wiring approach to FirePro systems.
● Installation practices and techniques.