In a real situation the fire always starts in a specific location, and then spreads based on the conditions which are presented in the area. Traditional fire suppression systems have always focused on the room or area where this occurs, we now have a product which can be installed and will provide fire protection at the source of the fire. This has a huge benefit of addressing the fire when it is small and much more manageable as well as reducing the damage from the fire.

This approach is known as a “Local Application” is a recognised way of handling your fire management and is not covered by Australian Standards. The design of this system is based on local conditions and circumstances. There are a number of simple design alternatives to produce the most efficient and cost effective solution.

This is a risk based approach so high risk areas can receive the attention they require, and low risk areas can be treated as such. Normally a control room would have approximately 10-15% of the total room covered by the control cabinets. These cabinets are designed to separate and isolate the risks. In high risk equipment such as high voltage control, the cabinet would be explosion proof, traditional fire suppression would be room focused, so the fire would need to penetrate the cabinet before the suppression would be involved. The fire is now much bigger and has created more damage. Cabinet protection is also less expensive than room based systems.

FirePro is ideal for Cabinet Fire Protection