The threat of fire in a manufacturing plant is a risk factor that needs to be managed to ensure personnel safety and business productivity. Fire risks are omnipresent: from the production line, raw/finished materials, liquids, equipment, chemical and paint storage, electrical rooms and or human intervention. To tackle this mix of fire risks and to ensure business continuity, the fire protection system must have multi-level capabilities.

FirePro systems are distinctly qualified to protect multiple key assets. We ensure that detection and suppression covers all potential sources of fire.

FirePro’s total flooding condensed aerosol technology ensures fast, reliable and effective fire suppression without the need for activation of an auxiliary system e.g. water sprinklers. The system can even operate as stand-alone in remote locations without the need for an outside power source. Manufacturers and operators can draw further assurance from FirePro’s full compliance to the industry’s codes of practice and standards required for the protection of manufacturing plants.

FirePro is ideal for protection of Manfacturing Facilities