FirePro Maintenance requirements for Australian Standards
Maintenance requirements for FirePro Aerosol systems are specified under AS1851 Section 7 Special Hazards for general installations & AS5062 for vehicle and mobile plant installations. SERVICE of fire protection systems, including daily operator inspections, shall be performed by a competent person. The competent person should be accredited to the level required for the service being conducted.
Certification is not for the system, it relates to the entire risk. “Fit for Purpose Test”
System may only be certified if it is operational. Critical defects mean NO Certification
Baseline data
This information is required for to perform service activities

▪ System discharge, alarms, time delays & shutdowns.
▪ Enclosure gross volumes for total flooding systems.
▪ Agent type, Number of generators, Application density.
▪ Replacement Date of FirePro Units.
▪ Type of detection fitted, Number and location of actuators.
▪ Date of initial installand service life of all items.
Servicing should not be performed when the fire control panel is in an alarm/fault condition.
No personnel should be in the risk area until the fire system is fully isolated.
Where shutdown relays have been utilised, personnel should be made aware equipment will not be operable until testing is completed.
All CIE and installed components should be accessible and free from debris, rust, electrical faults, or other damage.
Inspect CIE to ensure normal functioning. Warning signs and strobes should be clearly visible.
All anti-tamper seals and travel pins should be in place and secure.
Ensure that all FirePro Aerosol Generators have not been discharged and seals are intact.
Inspect the risk area to ensure that the risk has not changed from the approved design.
Review base data for any changes in environment or equipment installed.
Tests will vary depending on the service schedule AND the Standard being applied.
IRRESPECTIVE of service schedule – a system may only be certified if operational. Critical defects mean NO Certification.
RECORDS shall be prepared and provided to / and retained by, the owner.